Who We Are


The firm is committed to excellence, professionalism, integrity as our key drivers. We ensure that our values are upheld, and we are committed to continually invest in developing our team to maintain these values. Further, we endeavour to keep the client informed of the progress made on their briefs to us in a timely manner.


Our team gives all our clients personalized attention and for every brief undertaken by the firm, there is a Partner allocated to oversee the same. For our corporate entities, we work closely with their team of internal lawyers and/or the relevant departments in order to deliver quality and timely services. Key aspects of our approach are to: Understand our clients’ commercial objectives, policies and the dynamics of the industry; Agree as early as possible on allocation of tasks and responsibilities by assembling a core team with the right blend of legal skills and experience that understands the clients' time lines and deliverables; Establish clear and simple communication procedures, in order to expedite the decision making process, commensurate with appropriate reporting lines; At all times we ensure that we provide legal services to our clients’ at the most cost effective and efficient manner. We generally charge in accordance with the prevailing scales of fees set out in the Advocates’ Remuneration Order, we ensure that our clients are informed in advance of the cost implications to allow for budgeting of the legal costs.

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