Areas of Practice



Labour Law

Our firm has diverse experience in labour issues such as industrial relations, employment standards to workplace healthy and safety. This is one core area that our firm is recorgnised to play a lead role in the kenyan market based on the vast experience and expertise acquired in this area of law practice.In addition to extensive provision of Industrial and labor law related litigation the firm provides the following:


  • - Advice to clients on the current labour law statutes and regulations;
  • - Advice on compliance of the labour laws and standards;
  • - Advice on applicable industrial and labour dispute resolution mechanisms;We also provide in-house training for specific labour and industrial relation issues tailor made for the client’s needs;
  • - We provide consultation and guidance in the drafting and improvement of staff policies and guidelines.


Court work is often the most visible part of a law firm. At our firm, we represent clients in a wide range of litigation matters. We are studiously efficient in the process of bringing and pursuing a lawsuit, and are competent in the mastery of entire Kenya litigation process both in a broad range of issues. We are adept at and occasionally  recommend and pursue alternative dispute resolution procedures such as arbitration, mediation, conciliation and other out of court settlement procedure which may be faster and more resource and better result oriented than the court process.

Our highly efficient litigation team deals with a wide range of contentious matters arising from commercial and civil interactions. In particular, the department deals with:

  • - Industrial and labor law related litigation
  • - Contentious banking and company matters;;
  • - Enforcement and realization of securities including mortgages, charges, guarantees, hire purchase contracts and chattels mortgages;
  • - Land disputes.
  • - Enforcement of intellectual property rights including patents, trademarks, service marks, copyrights, trade secrets, industrial designs, geographic indications and folklore;
  • - Judicial review and public law litigation;
  • - Consumer protection and professional negligence claims;
  • - Prosecution, defense and representation in tortious liability, subrogation and other insurance related claims;
- Succession Law and family law matters.

Land Law and Conveyancing

In real estate, we deal with all kinds of real property transactions. Theses include:

- The Sale, subdivision, leases, transfers, mortgages, charges, cautions, caveats, easements, change of user, licenses, powers of attorney, rectification of title, extension of Government leases, trusts relating to land, rights of access, and all aspects of property acquisition, disposal and development;


  • - Advice on acquisition and sale of land, conducting due diligence, negotiating agreements on behalf of clients and draft contracts suited to client's needs;
  • - Legal advisory services to real-estate developers, investors, lenders, and business users in the acquisition, development, financing, sale and leasing of real estate;
  • - Drafting of necessary legal documentation specific to each real estate transaction;
  • - Applying for and obtaining the various consents required under the law as well as paying land rent and rates on behalf of clients;
  • - Advising clients on changes in land laws, new Lands Office procedures and generally on all aspects of land and property law.

Legal Research

Legal research aims at finding  authoritative basis that can or in deed be used to find a solution to a legal problem. Our firm has the capacity to conduct research on legal issues both within and outside Kenya. We seek to find primary sources of law, or primary authority, such as the applicable cases preciously decided on the legal issue, statutes and regulations in regard to the issue. We also research and give opinion on the issue based on secondary authorities such as law reviews, legal dictionaries, legal treatises, and legal encyclopedias.

We also, importantly, research and give opinion on the issue based on non-legal sources for other supporting information.

We value the need to have informed and well analyzed positions developed through research.

Our team in this regard deals with:

  • - Assisting the other teams in the firm to make informed legal decisions;
  • - Providing advisory discourses to clients on existing legal issues and the likely effect to clients operations due to changes in law;
  • - Researching on and disseminating information on public interests areas in Law;
  • - Liaising with other stakeholders on legal vis-à-vis policy matters especially on emerging legal issues and the challenges posed thereby;

- Carrying out Legal compliance audits and creating legal registers and guides for organizations;


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